Using nature for inspiration on colour

Want a home bursting with colour but too scared to start?

Here are six schemes to reassure even the most timid of first time colourists!

I don’t know about you but I LOVE colour, I need it around me to feel alive! Colour is almost as important to me as natural light. It energises, inspires and comforts. I seek it out in every aspect of my life, if it’s in my home, clothing or food!
Something that I’ve noticed over time, whilst completing many domestic building projects, is that even the most willingly architecturally design led Clients still loose their confidence when it comes to the use of colour in their newly refurbished homes.


I have one tip to conquer that fear that never lets me down!


 Simply look to nature for colour combinations that work!
No matter if you want subtle combinations of sympathetic colours in the same range or a bold scheme of layered deep colours sitting next to each other.

There are so many beautiful colour combinations in nature to suit anyone’s brief.
Here are just a few of my favourites.

From mustard and rich, ink blue to pale green and pink, ruby tones against stark white walls. The only thing limiting your creativity is your nerve and the quality of your image search engine!!

How do you use colour in your home? What are your favourite, unusual colour pairings? How does colour make you feel?