Secret Doors

The existing lounge was a very uncomfortable place to sit and it really didn’t work as a place to rest. The position of the doorways, three in total!, meant that this space felt transitional, as if you were sitting in a corridor. I wanted to come up with a solution that not only fixed this problem but did it with wit and a sense of fun.
Who doesn’t love a secret door?! especially as the room behind the door was a play room, it was too good an opportunity to miss .. and so into Narnia we went!

I designed the door to mirror the alcove shelving on the other side of the fireplace. Now, when the door is closed you feel that you are sitting in a comfortable and complete room and are unaware of the access that runs diagonally through the middle of the space.

When the door opens anyone not in the know, is delighted to see a secret playroom behind the shelving.

The children absolutely love this feature as they feel that they have a secret den and we love it as we get to sit in comfort by the fire without feeling like we are in a transitional space.

The perfect crease of the ceiling line above your head in this area was created through the layering of space blanket installed to obtain optimum thermal U-values and also the layering of plasterboard to make sure that the window sat exactly in the centre of the space and the crease of the ceiling followed the centreline of the window exactly as well. The effect is that of a simply designed space that in fact has many layers of design and consideration behind it to make it come to life.