Library Landing

This little area has such a huge impact on Mount Pleasant as a whole. Not only does it provide a huge amount of natural light deep into the house plan but it gives a visual and auditory connection between both the ground and first floors ; an essential feature when designing a child-centric house! As parents of four young children we wanted the security of a visual link between the two floors without the risk of shared noise, kitchen smells and drafts. The existing landing was incredibly narrow and created a dangerous pinch point at the top of the stairs. The two storey rear extension gave the opportunity to widen this area and create a wow factor all at the same time. By taking a little floor area at first floor level we created a floating floor above the kitchen below. Keeping the floor area of the landing extension small allowed the double height void of the kitchen to sail past the library window making it look even more like a floating box hanging in space.

It would’ve been easy to create a simple open balcony here but the decision to replicate the picture window on the external line of extension created a very special situation where the eye is drawn through a tunnel like structure straight out into the landscape. This makes it feel that you have a view directly outside from deep inside the house.

The fitted library shelves were designed into this area from the word go. The light levels were going to be outstanding in this area due to the orientation of the house on the site in relation to the Sun. It was an opportunity not to be missed to make this area something very special and to design in two brick piers at the opening to the library that matched the thickness of the window surround exactly. The bookshelves were then made to fit these two recesses immaculately giving a seamless look to the area.

The perfect crease of the ceiling line above your head in this area was created through the layering of space blanket installed to obtain optimum thermal U-values and also the layering of plasterboard to make sure that the window sat exactly in the centre of the space and the crease of the ceiling followed the centreline of the window exactly as well. The effect is that of a simply designed space that in-fact has many layers of design and consideration behind it to make it come to life.

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